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    68 27.42%
  • Elder Scrolls

    114 45.97%
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    55 22.18%
  • Neither

    11 4.44%
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    Can't believe Elder scrolls has so many votes....

    Bethesda just ditch the entire Elder scrolls series and focus on Fallout 4

    *Fallout fanboi*

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    but in skyrim you can pick up brooms, buckets etc :S you can also steal dead peoples clothes and pick up the bodies and swing them around :P

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    Bethesda's Fallout is Elder Scrolls

    Fallout 1&2 > Elder Scrolls

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    Can't play Fallout, even though the Newer Elderscrolls and Fallout share engines. Fallout gives me a chronic headache i have never been able to solve. Soon as i see fallout my head starts aching.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsage View Post
    Fallout definetely.

    The Elder Scrolls feels like a cheap, tacky IP, and the lore is uninspired.

    I mean seriously, who decided that in Skyrim the empire should be a roman rip-off, complete with identical armor? Fuck's shake, they could do so much more with a fantasy setting and decide on that shit. That's one of many things that bother me.
    /not sure if serious or trolling

    You know Fallout: New Vegas had a faction ACTUALLY based on rome with roman armor?
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    I've tried fallout 3, I just couldn't get into it. I like Elder scrolls, but Fallout, I can't get into at all. Just bores me for some reason.

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    Bethesda's formula doesn't really work for Fallout. Takes away too much of what made the older games great, and the plot for Fallout 3 just felt like a poor attempt reimagining parts of 1 & 2 rather than trying something new.

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    Morrowind is in my opinion RFG perfection, so TES.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    Morrowind is in my opinion RFG perfection, so TES.
    Morrowind was definitely amazing in its time and its modding community was amazing without the help of steam workshop etc.

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    Depends on which game you are comparing, if you are comparing the whole series in general I would have to say neither.

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    I prefer Fallout, but I enjoy them both a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    but in skyrim you can pick up brooms, buckets etc :S you can also steal dead peoples clothes and pick up the bodies and swing them around :P
    You can do that in Fallout too!!

    Personally, I'm going with Fallout, because I'm such a fan of everything post-apocalyptic. But the Elder Scrolls is a great series too. The one complaint I have about both of them is the physics engine they've been using...

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    Elder Scrolls by far, love all that medival stuff.

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    Both, Fallout because I'm completely addicted to anything post apocalyptic, and ES because I love fantasy games.

    Both titles, while having many problems, capture the feeling of both of the "genres" better than any other title IMO.

    If I HAD to pick one, it would be Fallout though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    Morrowind is in my opinion RFG perfection, so TES.
    I found morrowind to be one of the most annoying games ever, you take 3 steps, loading, another 3 steps loading again etc.. also the walk speed was slow as hell, it took half a day to get from the living room to the bathroom (well not really it just felt that way)even after I changed the walkspeed with the modding tool is was unbearably slow. Oblivion was better, skyrim imo the best of the series, still prefer fallout and the post apocaliptic setting

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    elder scrolls have a real slow and boring combat system but you feel much more epicness while playing them than playing fallout.

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    I love both, I still play FO3 and NV along with Oblivion and Skyrim, I never get tried of playing them

    Wish FO3 had true iron sights though :P
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    So far id have to say fallout 3 was my favorite of the lot. Played through numerous times and each time i find something new id never noticed before. Dunwich Building is imo totally creepy had shivers in that place.
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    Sitting at 650 hours in NV, 400 combined(PC+360) for 3, about 100 for Oblivion, and 50 or so for Skyrim.

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    Never really a fan of fallout the post apocalypse angle is cool to a degree but usually results in horrible maps, not to mention that music.....
    The eldar scrolls on the other hand., Always enjoy the dark brotherhood and thiefs guild and content like the shivering isles
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    Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. Elder Scrolls, while a good franchise, has never really 'wowed' me much -- Fallout 3 has, so I voted Fallout. NV was a disappointment to me, though.

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