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    114 45.97%
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    I'd suggest FO:NV. I find TES fantasy setting to be too generic for my liking. There's only so much elves and dragons a man can have in his geeky youth. New Vegas combines great style of Fallout with an interesting story that doesn't revolve around saving the world for once.
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    I'm going to go with Fallout too. I just enjoy the setting a hell of a lot more than Elder scrolls, although I've played both extensively.

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    Okay, here is my take. The Elder Scrolls uses every milquetoast fantasy cliche then adds a little Gore and sex to make it game suitable for adult gamers vis a vis a M rating. The truth is its IP is totally inspired by Tolkien. There is simply NOTHING NEW HERE. For that Reason I prefer Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition to both Skyrim and Oblivion. The only area where I will make a concession is graphics. Skyrim is freaking beautiful, but you know what. Myst was beautiful in its day and age and furthermore MYST at least had a relatively inspired story, even though it was basically a glorified slide show. SO yeah I would throw, Myst, Riven, and Exile in front of Elder Scrolls games as well!

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    I actually like the post apocalyptic setting, which is Fallout.
    So I choose Fallout, I've never actually ever enjoyed Elder Scrolls, and I've tried Morrowwind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Just not the game series for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaosbringer View Post
    Is actually. Stats increase damage and accuracy. EX Got this sweet as sniper, can't hit the target because of lots of bullet spreading (caused by low stats), when it does hit, it hits for less then my baseball bat (higher melee stats then Rifle (think thats light arms) ones).

    And Honestly Vats had its origins in Fallout 1 and 2. If it wasn't in the game I would have table flipped every table at Bethesda's HQ.
    To be honest, I've gotten to play NV (big mistake though), and carefully planning the character played almost the same as just picking up random things and playing it like FPS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsage View Post
    Fallout definetely.

    The Elder Scrolls feels like a cheap, tacky IP, and the lore is uninspired.

    I mean seriously, who decided that in Skyrim the empire should be a roman rip-off, complete with identical armor? Fuck's shake, they could do so much more with a fantasy setting and decide on that shit. That's one of many things that bother me.

    um fallout 3/NV has caesars legion....

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    still hope to try fallout 3 someday preferably next steam summer sale for the goty edition but bit worried about the controls same with skyrim id like to try it but again the controls worry me ive lost interest in my xbox since the games are so much more expensive and usually disapointing so ill prob get the pc version and being able to mod it is nice

    id say fallout is my fav only because i know it better from the youtube playthroughs ive watched and such

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