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    LF DH inferno tips

    Hey guys.
    I have finally made it to level 60 (about time, I know) but now getting my ass handed to me in act1 inferno. Playing a Dh. What sort of gear should I have to successfully farm it? Any milestones, like say approx hp, approx dps maybe approx resist all I should be having?
    Thanx in advance

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    A1 getting wrecked? Huh that's not supposed to happen

    Give us your stats and such, Makes it easier for us to help you of ''what you need''

    - Resist is actually good now since glass cannoning is a bit ''Risky'' and well not exactly amazing anymore''
    - Stack crit damage still
    Yada yada

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    If you want to build survival kit, I'd say aim somewhere close to 200 all resist, ~20k hp, and maybe around 30k damage. For armor, try to keep the it in a 1/10 ratio with your all resist, so maybe around 2k. It is hard to say exact figures, as it depends on your spec and the skill you play with, but something around those values should have you farming act I with limited issues. For damage stats, not much has changed really, except it is much harder now to get our AS up the way we did before. Crit damage/chance, and Dexterity are all very good stats, and IAS also still has its place. Some items can have up to 10% IAS, which is still very valuable.

    The core of a survival build is shadow power + the gloom rune. It lets you soak a lot of damage, while your damage keeps your HP up, sustaining you through the damage that you take. This separates us from the way melee classes play, as our mitigation and self healing comes in bursts and is tied to having high damage and mitigation. So we need to strike a balance with our hatred spender, hatred regen, health and damage.

    Our gear is pretty similar to that of monks and I generally look for three things in every piece; dex, vit, and all resist. Extra armor is always welcome, along with any damage stats that you can find. For that reason, most of our gear is rare or higher. Blue items simply cannot have as many stats as good survival gear demands. I'd suggest starting with shoulders, belt, boots, and pants. The most useful stats on those pieces are limited to what we need, so searching for it on the AH is easier and seems to me much cheaper than e.g. rings and amulets.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannyl View Post
    Hope this helps.
    Indeed it does Thanx a lot

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    I farm act 1 easy, 30 minutes for a watchtower - leorics - festering - crypts - jailer - butcher run. 20k hp, <100 resist all, ~50k dps. I use hungering arrow + pierce and EA + ball lightning as my mains, with caltrops + tort ground, SS + whatever and SP + gloom for survival and spike trap + scatter for situational dps on both aoe and single targets.

    If you can do enough damage you don't have to worry so much about survivability, especially once you learn to keep a respectful distance from enemies with dangerous ranged affixes. While I do look for some vit on my gear for the simple fact that at least 95% of elite packs have damage reflect (thanks Blizz!), I completely ignore resists and potentially higher dps in favor of magic-find. It works out well enough, I average ~50 rares per run and I'd say I get something worth selling (several hundred thousand gold or more) every 2 runs or so.
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    I am glass canon built (66k without SS); 15 k hp and run A3 yesterday without too much trouble, but be weary that everything one shots you with this build so you have to be quick on smoke screen.

    Otherwise, build a bit tanky as previously stated and you should be fine, especially A1, and if you want to buy gear, the main target is the weapon above all, try getting a bow or crossbow above 1k dps with some dext ( you can have nice bows for 1-2M ), and you'll be facerolling A1-2 in no time.

    Have fun !

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    Should add that you should go bit more tanky these days, since if you are new to inferno, you can die alot and it will cost you quite abit and end up getting broke instead.

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