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    God Slayer Cryengine 3 Action MMO

    Pretty interesting thought I'd spread the news of it around

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    It certainly has some pretty visuals. The character model looks pretty stiff/awkward at points and there's only one combat animation.

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    Looks like an RPG from the trailer.

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    Looks nice, I would imagine the people that would play it will have a gaming PC though.

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    Even though it's hard to make out any MMO characteristics in this trailer, it looks really cool. I'll keep an eye out for this.

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    It's a Chinese developed MMO : /

    Haven't had any good experience with those yet (Perfect World and a few others), especially since things that are acceptable over there (pay to win for example) don't fly over here, and they generally get mediocre localizations at best : /

    Looks pretty but I'm waiting to hear more about the game before allowing myself to get excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libram View Post
    Looks nice, I would imagine the people that would play it will have a gaming PC though.
    Hmm it's a F2P, Chinese developed game, chances on consoles are pretty slim, I do how ever expect that they implement controller support since it looks like one of those types of MMOs that can operate well with one.

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    God Slayer is ChangYou's first global title, it will be their flagship game for the global market in 2013.

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    Between system requirements (guessing), F2P, and the niche game type... imo you shouldn't build a flagship out of lead, then again I can't speak for the Asian population, but in the US it would sink.. I'll go out on a limb, and say that is why so many people play WoW.

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    I won't be Gandalf and shall pass on that game.
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    I still called it.

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