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    Best Professions for PvE and PvP

    I'm looking to find the best 2 professions that will both assist me in both PvE and PvP. I'm thinking Jewelcrafting as one, And Enchanting as the other. I don't know tho. I'm a Balance Druid.

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    I would go with Tailoring/Engineering, but all professions are very close in terms of damage.
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    Blacksmithing and enchanting.

    Extra sockets add up to 100 int, while JCing only gems only add 51 int.

    When epic gems came out they didn't adjust anything, hence why its a tidbit uneven.

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    Actually, unless they tune Engineering/Tailoring down, they're going to be *way* ahead of the other professions. Right now Enchanting gives 320 bonus Int, Synapse Springs is giving 2940 Int for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown (490 Int). Tailoring is even stronger, giving 2500 Int for 15 seconds probably on a 60 second ICD again (~625 Int).

    That said, I expect them to be nerfed prior to live, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

    [edit] For some reason I thought this was referring to MoP. Disregard! [/edit]

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    What do you mean nerfed? The Engi synapse springs even out to be the same +80 stat increase from other professions, if i am not mistaken. If i'm wrong on that, my apologies. But anyway, Engi hands down for world pvp and random bgs. Parachute cloak & nitro boost are a blast. And i actually prefer the synapse springs in arena/rbg because it gives me controlled burst which i can macro to a dps cd that's on a similar timer.

    As for 2nd prof, i guess tailoring would be good for a dps caster for the same reason as above - being able to macro it to a dps cd.

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    You don't get to choose when tailoring procs. It just happens. It could happen at the worst of times. With pvp in mind engineering for the cool down you can control and bs for the extra 20 intellect if you go full epic gems. Otherwise anything works
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