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    Design a Buff

    What would you make if you were able to design an ingame buff? What would it do?

    I would make a buff for PVP servers that you would activate outside cities only (not bgs or raids) and would make you immune to being killed by opposite faction if slayer was more than 5 levels above you and you had been killed three times in 10 minutes. It would only last 2 mins but enough time to evaluate situation, call friends or heath out.

    What is your idea?

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    Since they like homogonization, just give every class one buff that provides everything at once. 5% stats, AP, Crit, etc. And give all classes attacks built in magic resist/armor debuff, etc.

    Inb4 it happens
    Do you like daggers?

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    A buff that aggroes every murloc/naga in the zone you are in. Poor lowbies >

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    OT: I would make a buff for rouges where if they preform a perfect stunlock kill combo they instantly are able to use a shadowstep like ability 5 times which does 9001.1337 damage per step and has infinite range.
    I guess it may seem more like a spell but who cares it can have a buff format

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