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    [Paladins] How are you going to level? [MoP Edition]

    Hey guys!

    Some of you might remember the thread i created when the Cataclysm were near us. (http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...l-in-Cataclysm)

    Last time it was from Holy Paladins only, but this time id love to hear from you all!
    I remember that ive got some inspiration from it last time so here we go again, How are you, my fellow Paladins going to level in MoP?

    What spec do you plan to go with?
    What will be your main source of XP, dungeons or questing?
    Do you plan on going for Realm first of any kind?
    Professions, will you level them during the race to 90 or after you hit max level?
    Every thought and idea is very welcome!

    Personally i stayed Holy on my Paladin during 80-85 and found it quite enjoyable so im thinking of doing the same thing 85-90 with Prot offspec as a backup plan.
    My main source will be questing, im going to do some dungeons once in a while and just enjoy the new content, im not in a hardcore guild this expansion and will just enjoy the new zones and hopefully met some new friends along the way to 90!

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    1) Planning to go as Ret for fast kills while questing but will probably be Holy in dungeons
    2) A mix of both. I will go dungeons first because I play on a PvP server so the amount of people in the questing zones at the start will be huge
    3) I would never attempt a world first lvl 90 because I wouldn't even know how to do it, plus I don't have the time to commit to it
    4) I will level what I can on the way to level 90 but the majority of my professions will be levelled at 90

    That's my game plan for MoP

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    Im probably going to power through the instances 1-2 levels with my friends to avoid the early gankage, then continue questing beyond that.
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    Just noticed that i put this thread in General Discussion, my mistake, could someone please move it to the Paladin forum?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I will mainly be healing in 5mans, soloing as ret when I am in the mood. My competitive days in WoW are behind me, no rush. That is if I even buy the expac, depends on when it comes out.

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    Planning on making my Pally my main again; Prot MS with Ret OS, so tanking the 5-mans with my friends/guildmates plus questing should do it for me.
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    i will use mount!

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    Changing main to a pally, i'll be leveling holy in dungeons and questing in prot/ret haven't decided yet

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    lvl all my hybrids to 90.

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    I'll be going prot, some questing mixed with tanking dungeons. Same tactic I've used since TBC
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    i will probably do what i did in cata 25 dailys to hand in at midnight then straight to first quest zone and try and get past the hordes of people and be 90 in few days and raiding by the first weekend all as prot probably won't do any instances till 90 and gear farming

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    I always level prot, because I play prot I like getting in those early dungeons, may not be as fast but still the funnest for me. ill probably OS ret this time around, in cata there wasnt much demand for me to switch to holy.
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