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    Questions on 2 items (Resto/Feral)

    So at the moment I have likey 1400 VP and I'm unsure exactly what to do with them. In my sig you can see my feral set, which is coming along nicely. The only thing wrong with it is my trinket 1 and I could use a normal/heroic weapon but I could fix one of those with picking up the VP trinket. I was just wondering how much better it is than the hungerer? Or if it's just worth waiting for a vial/starcatcher normal? I would start working on my resto set with VP unless it's going to be a huge upgrade to go ahead and grab that next week.

    Secondly, doing a normal madness last week I got the Ti'tank staff (haste proc) 403 version, but in my LFR the other night I got 390 ilevel Maw...which would be best to use? The intellect difference and spell power difference is pretty big, but is the maw proc worth it (if I get an adequate off-hand)?

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    I'll answer the resto question, the 390 Maw is miles ahead of the Ti'tank 403. The Maw proc is uber on most of the fights in DS (pretty easy to have between 2-10% of healing done from the proc - depending on fight/raid size etc)

    Get any offhand you can and stick with the Maw.

    Keep the staff for transmog - or in case you want to mess around with Balance spec and don't have any other caster weapon.

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    I hate balance a lot but I will hold onto it. And I thought so. I remember it being that way on my paladin. I just need an off hand
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    The VP trinket is actually decent for feral. In terms of equivalency, it's about even with the hungerer, maybe a LITTLE Better. So it's really up to you on that one.The Vial is still BiS, so try to be on the lookout for that.

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    Yeah I didn't look too terribly hard but what I found didn't have a real good 4.3 trinket list. But I figured both of them work out to a fair amount of agility and a bit of haste except the hungerer has the agi base all the time.
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