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    As far as I'm concerned, Blizzard has its own timetable. Guild Wars 2 (SW:ToR, Rift, Aion, whatever) doesn't matter the slightest bit in that regard. -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftech View Post
    So... August 28th GW2 release date means either the week before or the week after for MoP, right
    IIRC they usually release short before their competition or roughly a month later.

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    100k yak and black Marker ah... Gold economy is going down!

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    Typo on the front page:

    Guild Wars 2 Release Date Annoucned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    Problem is, since it's just the box cost you will most certainly get a bunch of kiddies and griefers all over the place ruining stuff. From this point, the monthly sub at least acts like a entry barrier.
    Like you got with Conan, rated M(18) and with a monthly fee?.. OH WAIT! -_-'
    Idiots are everywhere, just ignore them and enjoy your preferred game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alenarien View Post
    Challenge mode groups most be formed manually? Could Blizzard be sane? Let's hope so, and if so then we may see a little 'community' again with this being so.
    Community like in Vanilla? Looking for priest for 45 minute Baron run. No other healer will do, has to be a priest.

    or like in TBC?

    Looking for 3 mages for MGT, you don't have to be great at dps just be able to hold your sheep. No other classes welcome.

    Yes, that community is sorely lacking and missed. NOT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Blizzard doesn't want us to grind reputations for head enchants, but wants us to grind reputations to access valor vendors.

    You didnt really understand the idea, it was not about grinding rep, but the fact that they didnt want people to go for xxx faction just because it happens to have the type of head enchant they need.
    Gives more freedom to what rep to go for first, so the tanks for example dont feel like they been forced to go for a faction that gives a tank head enchant.

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