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    I miss the old X Wing. But even more, I miss Tie Fighter with the Secret Order of the Emperor. And the inclusion of Thrawn. Felt so good to be evil.

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    Played Civilization 1 like crazy when i was young, had no clue what i was doing since i could not read english at the time but it was loads of fun ;P

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    good to see crusader no remorse made the list that was one of my favs growing up. Alot of classic games on there. And none of them needed an RMAH......

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    90's golden age of PC gamming
    Garrison Guardian / Protretardin / waste of time

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    Great to see ZZT on there. Glad people haven't forgotten.

    A little weird to see it mentioned with no mention of Megazuex though.

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    There's so much win in that image, I feel we need to have a triple resolution version with more games in.

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    Saved image to disk

    Miss Dreamweb in this list though

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    Oh my Dobbs in Cleveland, someone besides me actually played Wacky Wheels?! And, man, the screen from Epic Pinball was always my favorite board.

    I may have to take that down to Kinko's and get it printed as a poster...And dig through my old 3.5 floppies to find my antiquated copy of Commander Keen and Rise of the Triad - God Hand FTW!
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    Pretty much every game on that list. Descent/Descent 2, X-Wing/TIE Fighter/X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Alien Carnage, and Raptor Call of the Shadows are the best for me.

    Well, them and Duke3D. But Duke3D is in a class of its own.
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    Meh the original Dune isent on there Dune 2 is thought i do like it but the first one was just so much fun.

    Also no Dungeon Keeper 1

    So many other good games on that list to.

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    No Xargon?? That dude was BEAST MODE.

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    The scary thing is that I played a lot of those games as a kid. Doom/Doom 2, Wolfenstein, Command and Conquer, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Descent 2, Lemmings, etc

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    I played more than 10 games in this list although not at their time I played them when I was young 8-10 years old. They were awesome (and still are).

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    Immediately checked for X-Com and Wing Commander. Was not disappointed.

    Ah, good, they've got Master of Orion 2 and LOOM on here also, good, great, fantastic!

    TIE fighter also - absolutely required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dexiji View Post
    I miss the old X Wing. But even more, I miss Tie Fighter with the Secret Order of the Emperor. And the inclusion of Thrawn. Felt so good to be evil.
    TIE Fighter.
    Best. Game. Ever.

    (Until maybe WoW.)

    Anyways, with this list.... yeah yeah yeah YAWN. Played most of them.

    Wake me when you post the Apple II list. And it better be filled with Infocom.
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    Glad to see Tyrion on such a list. Wasted untold hours on that beautiful game.

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    I think Descent 1 and/or 2 deserves to be on that list, but it's conspicuously absent.

    Lots of good games, though. Those were the days

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    ABUSE!!! I love that game...and decent! sweet.

    Battle Chess got me interested in chess....and porn (the queen had a nice rack, and it jiggled when she moved).
    Although it was the 3DO version (

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    Man, god damned nostalgia wave at seeing Beneath a Steel Sky again...

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    Played a few on that list myself, but very surprised to not see Carrier Command on there.

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