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    Angry Please put "post here" contests in a different thread than the rest of news

    When ever you have a contest where you pick random posters, it completely destroys any discussion about anything else posted in the same topic. I already have a MoP beta key and I don't need another one. And if I were to post my comments about something else in the thread (say about the Yakk price) it would just be drowned out by the other posters.

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    There's always a separate discussion thread; see the last point in the instructions:

    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    • The giveaway is for 100 x Mists of Pandaria Beta Keys.
    • The giveaway will be closed on Tuesday, July 3rd at 11:59 PM EDT (5:59 AM CEST) and winners will be chosen randomly.
    • If you want to talk about the rest of the news post, head over to this topic on the forums!
    We keep the discussions in a new thread instead of having people post for the contest in the new thread because it's the easiest instruction for people to follow. Otherwise, we end up with the discussion thread overwhelmed by everyone trying to get beta keys. (We still get some people failing, but at least it's nowhere near what we'd get the other way around!)

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    Oh right, I guess I kind of missed that. I saw "post for beta keys here" and skipped over past the bet key image to the section I was interested in.

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