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    Sylvari Thief

    Does it fit into the lore in any way? It may sound weird, but I care about this stuff. Also I have a noob question: What weapon(s) should I be using as a thief?

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    Caithe, the the main sylvari in the lore is a thief. So it certainly fits

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    It fits and its amazing!
    Wanheda of Med'ivh

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    I think its kind of hard to say that any of the classes dont "fit" Sylvari, since they are very curious by nature. So its pretty easy to find a reason for a sylvari to be a warrior or engineer. And for weapons I think it really is based on your preferred play style.

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    You should try a short-bow. godsend for leveling, imo.

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    in terms of handling multiple mobs and kiting them that is. Also good for dynamic events with enemy raids with a good group of people helping too.

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    Sylvari thieves are amazing!

    Shortbow gives an immense amount of control for every aspect of thief play. Id always keep it as a weapon set in any build i can think of. Im currently running shortbow with sword/dagger in a bursty dps set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by almosthuman View Post
    You should try a short-bow. godsend for leveling, imo.
    Shortbow is great for kiting and killing a few mobs at a time but you also want something to mow through scattered single mobs and to stand up to skill challenge veterens etc.

    I personally liked sword/pistol or pistol/pistol for leveling together with Signet of Malice for the healing skill for the synergy with the dual skill (third button). Both are pretty simple, spam the third button to win, but they also allow you to stand up to some pretty tough enemies without taking any damage at all with the blind (last skill on the weapon skill bar). Tough mob, you just stand there and autoattack while spending all your initiative on using the blind skill whenever you can, and pretty often you can kill a veteran without taking any damage.

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    You can play whichever weapon you like, all of them work. Of course, some combinations match certain situation better. For example, Pistol/Dagger is excellent for soloing veteran mobs. I also enjoyed Dagger/Dagger (death blossom) for PvE - its a bit difficult, but insanely fun. A Shortbow with Cluster Bomb allows you to take on a large number of mobs at the same time - with some practice you can stack an incredible number of bleeds on them and then run away. Risky, but great fun.

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    For weapons there's a couple of things you need to ask yourself.

    Do I prefer melee or ranged?
    Do I like stealthbased play?
    Do I prefer damage or control play?
    Do I prefer to be mobile (in range/out range/in range/out range) play?
    Do I actually like the "feel" of the weapon I'm trying now? here's a "builder" so you can check what skills change.

    If you like stealthbased play (always attacking in the back etc) I recommend d/d. The main focus is getting back stabs off so you need a dagger in mainhand. Stealthing a lot is second most important thing, the only offhand weapon that gives stealth is the dagger again => play d/d

    If you prefer stealthbased play but with more control (in/out sort of fights) go sword/dagger.

    If you don't have a favourite either way, in out playstyle is fun:
    You're looking at x/pistol or pistol/x
    dagger/pistol this one is basically a HS spam where you can stealth through using BP>HS>BS which is a great combo. It lacks the damage of d/d though.

    sword/pistol a very popular build due to PW the great thing is that you can avoid damage pretty well if you don't kill an enemy straight away. You have 2blinds a daze a stun and an immobilise meaning you'll be dancing around quite a bit.

    pistol/dagger the most in/out playstyle there is. Your really relying on a rotation but you're always in a good spot, melee or range doesn't hurt either way. The setup is simple 2>5>1>3 the issue is that you always need to start in melee so you rely on steal for your first rotation. The biggest issue is that you don't have gap closers or creators meaning you can't control the fight well.

    Pretty straightforward spam unload and sneak attack. Same issues as p/d: no way of creating or closing gaps.
    This still is one of the highest dps weapons out there though.

    Works really well with a HS spam build (BS build for people who can't control stealth ) since you're smashing the same button to kill stuff 222222222 however you don't want to detonate your bombs so you need to stay relatively close to deal good damage or people will simply walk away from the projectile.
    It has the best mobility and gap creators/closers available. The biggest issue is that surprise shot isn't really useful. You can use it to make sure one of your arrows hits from range but you might as well just use 2 while stealthed. here is a much better write down of thief mechanics, all be it a bit less noob friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glaukus View Post
    Does it fit into the lore in any way? It may sound weird, but I care about this stuff. Also I have a noob question: What weapon(s) should I be using as a thief?
    As already mentioned, caithe is a thief, so it definitely fits the lore.
    About which weapons to use: Thieves only have 4 weapons (albeit that the way you combine weapons does make a difference).
    So my advice would be to try them all (there's 3 MHs, 2 OHs and a 2H weapon, so 7 options in total).
    For more info on the thief you might want to visit the thief post on this site or the thief forums on sites like GW2Guru and the offilical GW2 forum.
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