View Poll Results: Which GW2 race do you hate the most?

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  • Sylvari

    57 11.54%
  • Norn

    93 18.83%
  • Azura

    144 29.15%
  • Charr

    120 24.29%
  • Human

    80 16.19%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    I do find humans the most irritating of all the races though, mostly because they seemingly can't do anything without bringing their gods into it (who as I understand it abandoned them).
    And what is it with all the moaning and sighing?! I was in divinity's reach on an alt doing some cooking and I had to leave after 10 minutes, all the moaning was driving me loopy. O.o
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    I haven't tried the game out yet. In fact I'm picking it up in the next day. With that being said, with all the research I've been doing, I'm not fond of Sylvari. I usually like woodland races, but these have a weird look to them I don't care for. Same with the Charr. I'm sure playing them will be a bit different, rather than watching videos!

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    Norn by far. They're just big humans. Wow exciting. The males aren't as terrible, they're a bit different, but the women. I guess they didn't want to risk making "ugly" characters so they're literally larger humans.
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    it's spelt Asura X_X

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