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    The most disgusting alcoholic drink you've ever tasted to get drunk

    So what's yours?

    Mines moonshine (or technically a beer, at least that's what he called it). Dear god it was vile and gave me burns after but it had like 15% alcohol so got me drunk after 1 glass. Still, I'm nearly throwing up when even thinking about it:P
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    tequilla e disggusting
    cheap plain vodka is bad as well
    beer is the worst...i literally gag with the smell

    rum is incredible <3
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    vodka....i can drink shots of neat absinthe which is pretty damn rough but vodka is just beyond disgusting and makes me wanna vomit.

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    I must admit that after my 20th birthday it was Tequila

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    Lemon Drops. I just can't take 'em. A female friend of mine loves them and always wants do them, and they always ruin my night.

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    Cider with... pear or apple, can't remember.

    That's also the only thing with alcohol I've ever tasted, though. Not that familiar with alcoholic beverages yet.

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    I love beer but Heineken is just disgusting.
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    jaeger, or beer in general. i've tried to like beer many times. just cant get a taste for it.

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    Another one for me is cheap red wine.. it doesn't taste that bad (lying) but it always gets me nauseous and throwing up after even drinking only 2 glasses of it.
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    Gunpowder, treason and plot.
    I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
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    Not a fan of black licorice.

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    Nothing tastes worse than grog.

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    I wouldn't say technically disgusting initially, but after having a ton of Cachaca one night and waking up that next morning (ugh...), I just shy away from that stuff. As far as disgusting Hate it so much. Can't do it.
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    The most disgusting? Probably some $3 convince store wines. Buy 3 for $10! No way I could get drunk off that.

    In terms of unpleasant alcohol I've actually gotten drunk off, long story short, I put a lot of black peppercorns into a bottle of Jack Daniels and me and a few people drank most of it. I found the bottle which had a few shots left in it a few days ago (5 months later) and it's actually pretty delicious now. I'd never suggest that though, for an experienced whiskey drinker it was still pretty foul.

    Honestly can't remember why I did it...really doesn't even sound like a terrible idea even after drinking it.

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    guiness or any "colorfull" vodka...

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    Even though I usually drink beer it's certainly not something I enjoy drinking to get drunk. It's more of a chill type of drink in my opinion.
    Anyways, beer is not the worst, whiskey is. Any type really. I obviously haven't tasted the more luxurious ones but the ones that I have drunk I really hate.

    I really have to add absolute vodka: Pear/apple aswell. I hate them so much.
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    I don't really like Jack Daniels because it makes me feel really sick, and the sickly feeling lasts for hours.

    I also don't like most beers, ciders or vodka.

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    I usually like beer, but Coors or Bud are just wretched to me.

    I've never had Everclear or Moonshine, but 151 was pretty awful tasting.

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    this, this is the most disgusting thing i have ever tasted, yet every year around christmas new year and easter, i guess its to remind people that there truly are bad things in the world

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    Goldschlager and Aftershock. Both thick cinnamon flavored hard liquor usually mixed I assume. We drank it from the bottle in three second chugs to get hammered. Bad idea.
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