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    Path of Exile which is due out later this year... More like D3 should have been than D3 is
    This its truly amazing its what d3 should have been like Ive played the closed beta for about 2 months and i'm totally addicted if u sign up on the path of exile website u can get lucky with the beta key timer giveaway

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSerious View Post
    how busy are the servers? because after playing LoL i can't stand the toxic community that is dota2 (that game is disgusting, not the game the people that play it). waiting for GW2 in the mean time I'm playing BF3 since I am a fps player at heart, hell I have a three foot tall trophy for playing BF in my room right now.
    Servers are usually busy enough to have plenty of people while note being packed. Shouldn't have any real trouble finding a match.

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