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    [A] Centre of Attention Frostmourne LF RAIDERS


    We are recruiting exceptional players to finish Cataclysm content and proceed quickly into MoP. The Guild is compromised from players who have played with high-end Pve guilds to some ranked PvP'ers above the 2200+ bracket.

    Raid times are 10PM to 1 AM server time AEST (8pm to 11pm GMT+8) .

    Rogue (fairly close to complete legendary)

    High Need :
    Shaman (capable of both Resto and ele)
    Holy Pally
    Resto druid

    What we are looking for in our raiders is to be skilled , but most importantly reliability and dedicated toward raiding. As we all do understand, situations outside of the game do arise from time to time, which is understandable, but due to being a newly formed 10man, attendance is vital.

    We currently have 4/8 HM down in the first night of raiding together. We all will progress together taking a early hit on the upcoming expansion. Now is the chance to be apart of a solid group aiming to explore end game content and establish new friendships along the way.

    Leave a reply here or message Jamelanister / Phokus / in game for more info.


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    Keen to be raiding with a core Boomy/Lock and still need heals for the team.
    Hit me up on real id if interested :[email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ersftugv View Post
    hello Real id left above if players are interested
    ps. Level 12 guild within the week

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    spots still available for MoP.

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    Raid spots open for:
    1 Shammy (ele/resto)
    1 Mage/Warlock

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