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    I am actually kinda excited about this.
    Does not really matter how much get as long as it is new since the game has been utterly boring in the last few months.

    Maybe this is dumb question but does this mean, like in every other pre-exp patch , we get new talents ?

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    If a blue says people with MoP Beta can't get on PTR. It means they can't.

    Just make a starter edition license or account and use that for PTR - should work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor4life View Post
    Fair enough that they want to give people who didn't get a chance to get into the Beta something to do aswell, but isn't it a little odd that you get locked out of something after paying?

    Not that i'm personally really bothered about it.. just struck me as odd
    After paying for what? Your subs don't entitle you to beta or PTR access as far as I know.

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    Finally ! my life is complete

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    The blue post regarding PTR access is rather badly worded. What its stating is that you can't use the WoW account that was created for you to access the beta and you'll have to use another one for the normal PTR. Those that have been on the normal PTR realms before will already have one. Those who haven't can easily make one. When you both types, both accounts will show up in the PTR and beta clients but the PTR account will always go to the PTR realms and the beta one will always go to the beta realms irregardless of which client you use.

    They should have just stated that those with beta access will need to make sure they have a normal PTR account set up as the beta one won't work for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gingercrab View Post
    The PTR is testing the 5.0.1 patch. Which means they'll be testing the pre-expansion event. You can't do that on beta.
    Who says they can't enable that event on Beta, too? As it takes place in Kal/EK - the only significant changes to those continents were the Pandaren NPCs in the capitals (and maybe some out in the wild, though I only heard of that in pre-beta previews) though I even believe that unlike Cata, but like WotLK and BC, the world will already be in "Mists mode" with 5.0, we're just without access to expansion content until it is released.
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    Probably on the PTR.
    Getting closer!

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    i estimate first days of oct (tuesday 9th) any longer will be too much...
    they will probably announce it in gamescon on 19th aug 2012 with the release of the trailer.

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    People who are in BETA are testing Panderia Zones and Panderian Race
    The PTR is for the EVENT PATCH that happens BEFORE Panderia goes live

    2 Seperate testing options - dont get all excited too much as you wont be rolling level 1 Pandas in the PTR - you will get to see all the new spells and changes but not what they are seeing on the BETA servers.

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    When is the patch going to come up on PTR???? When is PTR going to finally be back up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leniox View Post
    When is the patch going to come up on PTR???? When is PTR going to finally be back up?
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    I hope SOON is like tuesday or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pavez View Post
    Finally ! my life is complete
    hahahah good one

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