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    Best looking DPS class for MoP PVE

    Hey guys, long time reader, new to posting here...

    I have been reading over some topics etc, and was interested in finding out what people
    thought would be better with all the new changes heading into MoP.
    I am and have always played a rogue, but I am looking to level a ranged class with RaF
    while the sets are all $10.

    I think the 3 classes I would be most interested in are Boomkin, Fire Mage, and Warlock.

    Let me see what every one thinks and maybe I can finally make up my mind.
    Thank you guys!

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    warlock seems pretty nice: new pets, group portal thingie.
    i havent played warlock myself at all but i have a few friends that are rerolling to warlock (from shadow priest and from mage)

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    Best looking? Enh shaman and anything with plate that's not a Paladin.

    Classes that are looking good with the current numbers? Mages and spriests are off the charts.
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    Panda rogue man, theres noting that will be more shinyer!

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    Blood Elf and Draenei classes.

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    Wait are you asking like which classes have the best looking tier sets?

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    best dps is affliction warlock currently.

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    Go for warlock

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