We are currently searching for players to fill what's been left behind.


We always welcome applications from exceptional players, even if there is no explicit requirement for you class/spec, you are encouraged to submit an application. Our current specific requirements are:

1-2 Ranged DPS. (Any class)
1-2 Melee DPS. (Any class apart from Paladin)

Bascally, with the proper experience, and/or gear, we will concider your application even though your class is not mentioned here.

About Us
End of Days (EoD) was created for the Cataclysm expansion of World Of Warcraft with a view to delivering progressive 10-man raiding with a limited time investment, whilst maintaining a strong social element. Having been disillusioned with the inherent guild politics and requirement to invariably plug roster holes with players of questionable quality in 25-man setups, the advent of true parity in 10-man raiding led to the guild’s creation.

With a raiding core of a high-pedigree from previous raiding tiers, we can draw from experience of all end-game encounters to date, from as far back as Molten Core (in Vanilla), right up to and including Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum on Heroic (in Wrath Of The Lich King), Firelands and Dragon Soul Heroic on farm in Cataclysm. Our experience extends to all facets of guild management in 40, 25 and 10 player setups, giving us every confidence that our vision for EoD can and will be realised.

If this sounds like something which is of interest to you, we welcome any application and will do our utmost to provide you with a timely response. Our requirements of any would-be recruit are highlighted below:

Our Expections Of You

You are expected to be able to attend 3 raids per week
You are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of your class and spec. Having a raid-viable offspec and the experience/knowledge to back it up is also advantageous. All of this should be demonstrated in your application
You are expected to have an insight of fight mechanics and have the ability to adapt and develop your own strategies. We do not necassarily frown upon reading guides/tactics, but we also dont expect it. The content has a long life and being able to read what others did and act it out parrot-fashion does not represent any skill in our view
You will be part of a team who from time-to-time may make comments about your attitude or your ability. You should be able to take constructive criticism and use it to improve, not retaliate like a child
You are expected to have use everything at your disposal to enhance your performance. This includes consumables, raid addons and theorycrafting resources
You are expected to be available to raid during the hours 20.00-23.30 (server time). If a progress encounter is nearing completion, the raid may extend for a very short time. We are sensitive to players in different time zones and this would always be optional
You should have Ventrilo installed and being able to speak is a huge bonus
You want to experience and defeat the most challenging aspects of the game. If you expect to log in once or twice a week for a couple of hours and knock over a few bosses, this is not the guild for you

Raiding Schedule:

Thursday 20.00-23.30
Sunday 20.00-23.30
Tuesday 20.00-23.30

All times are server time, please adjust for your local time zone

How to apply:
You can find our recruitment forum here. In that forum you will find information on methods you can use to apply and a template which we ask you to use for your application.

Tentative enquiries can be made in-game but be mindful that the person you are speaking to may be raiding or otherwise engaged

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you

End of Days