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    [H] Fluffy Cuddle Bunnies 4/16 normal

    We're a semi hardcore 10man raiding guild situated on Bronze Dragonflight Horde.

    We raid 3-4 days per week:

    Thursday 20:00-23:00
    Sunday 20:00-23:00
    Tuesday 20:00-23:00

    If we get 10 people online wednsdays, we will start clearing out farm content, but wednsday raids ARE NOT mandatory.

    Quick summary of guild rules:

    Jokes can and will be made, if you can't take a light hearted joke, please do not apply.
    We use Teamspeak 3 as our voice communication program, you MUST have this installed.
    YOU must either; have a functional mic and be willing to use it, AND / OR have macro's available for tasks that require you to do so, getting dispelled on hagara comes to mind.
    We use a DKP system to handle loot.
    If an officer talks on teamspeak, you shut up.
    If you have a problem with anyone in the guild, whisper an officer or the guildmaster and they'll take care of it.
    Flasks and feasts aren't garanteed, bring your own, or farm mats for them.

    We are currently looking for:


    If your current role is not needed, don't let that discourage you, a big roster is always good to have.

    you can apply over at:

    If you have any questions that you feel haven't been answered, feel free to make an alt and whisper anyone in the guild and ask for one of the Officers, they'll be happy to answer any questions you might have
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    Bumping to the top for wierd guild name!

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    bump for easier to read raid times

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    bumping for more healers / dps

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    bump because i suck at this

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    bump for MoP recruitment

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    still need DPS and Healers!

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    bump for needing a healer!

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    alt run added, and give more sign ups!

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    bump for more healers

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    bump for warlocks

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    Bump for range dps

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    Bump for changing raiding schedule!

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    Bump for updated guild rules.

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    Bump for 5.0.5

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    Bump for spine heroic down.

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    Bump for madness down

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    Bump for Tanks! I know you're out there.

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    Bump for finally raiding again. Could still use more players though.

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    Bump for ponies continuing to be adorable.

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