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    Trying to remember an old game..

    So my friends and I were playing a game, and a running animation bugged, so it was like a freeze frame and you were moving, but the character didn't animate. So he was like mid stride and floating..

    I'm trying to remember an old game that this was actually how they moved.. And I can see it in my mind, but nothing is really coming up.. Any Ideas?

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    do you have more basic info. Like what genre game, like a shooter or puzzle or whatever, 2d/3d, pc/console etcet.

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    Hmm.. so your character's sprite didn't have any animations, but it moved around the world? Kind of vague... can you give more details? What kind of game was it? Platformer, I assume?
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    I feel like it was a DOS game, but its been so long, all I'm coming up with right now is how funny it was to watch my character "skate/float/skid" around

    Eh. Thanks guys. I think I'll give up on this one. There's so many games that it could be. I feel like it was your typical side scrolling platformer, but I can't place it. But this search did remind me how much fun Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, etc.. all are.

    I can't imagine it was a 5th Gen console game.. Maybe SNES, or Gameboy.. But that was so long ago, I can't remember much of anything in the fourth/third gen, other than Mortal Combat and a few Gameboy games that I remember playing on a Gameboy color a few summers back before selling it in a Garage sale..
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