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    Ipod Dock With a Fridge

    I'm looking for an Ipod Dock that comes with a fridge underneath it. I do live in Australia, so simply what they're actually called is greatly appreciated. That is just an example, they do come differently. Personally finding out what the company is would be a great success of this thread.
    For example this

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    ...And now I'm looking for it too, god that's awesome!

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    They are amazing, just don't know who sells them specifically. Most of that kind are pick up only and none around where i live sadly.
    Once again, any help is appreciated!

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    That particular in the picture is called Tooheys Extra Dry Bar Fridge With Ipod Doc
    There is a particularly company that makes them im 99% sure because ive seen the same/other 1's.

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    My god, I'm sorry but the fact that you are australian kind of fit into my stereotype of you guys perfectly hahaha <3

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    Haha yea, no bites so far. Posted on WhirlPool also with no luck on a reply. ... Hopefully someone knows!!

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    I think it's one of those things that you can get from Beer promotions. VB had one a few months ago where you collect these like "stamps" from slabs and trade them in for prizes ranging from a sports bag to a fridge.

    EDIT: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tooheys-E...#ht_500wt_1187

    Their RRP is $600 soo

    EDIT2: According to a sale from over a year ago it's custom made and you can't buy them, but might be a different make or something
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    this game sucks

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    Yea, ive seen several companies doing promotions for them. The amount of companies ive seen i figure there has to be a company that specializes in them because simply they are F**king awesome. Sadly I've checked ebay and if i lived near there (its an 16 hour drive there and back) i would but simply driving that much is...yea...

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    So simple, so beautiful

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    Can't you just duct tape ipod speakers on top of a fridge for a similar effect l0l
    this game sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by rektlol View Post
    Can't you just duct tape ipod speakers on top of a fridge for a similar effect l0l
    I'll never understand why people post with such stupidity. The whole point of it is it suites the fridge, with the Ipod Dock perfectly.

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    You could just build your own... There are plenty of books on how to build speaker cabs and whatnot, plus that way you can make it look however you please.
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    I so simply want one like that. Its neat, very very good quality, the mini fridge is great and not to large. I don't want suggesstions to build my own.

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    Buy minifridge, buy Ipod dock of similar color. Glue them ontop of eachother. Problem?

    Ipso facto: You CAN NOT BUY THESE except from some dudes on ebay who managed to snag one during the promotion.
    So either suck it up and make the 16 hour drive, or dont get one at all.
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    It blows my mind, ipod dock with fridge, not fridge with ipod dock.

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    That dock...

    Hey guys,

    I have a brand new, unused one of these for sale. They were made a couple of years ago by a promo company - very rare now

    The sound from the dock is simply awesome - it blows you away - seriously!

    The fridge is very big too, with an LED light inside.

    PM if you want to buy it, it lives in my spare room at the moment.

    I'm in NSW, Australia - it's unlikely you will find another unused or even used anywhere...



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