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    What arena comp will you try first in MOP?!?!

    As a shadow priest, I of course want to see how strong shadowplay is in MOP, but maybe with a monk healer??? What comps are you most excited to try out?

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    Triple Monk
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    warlocks will be interesting

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    5 of whatever is the next OP class of the patch (because there will be one).

    Really though, idk. I play enhancement atm but I can't really stand it much anymore, it just has such a low skill cap compared to some other classes that there's not much you can do with it. Considering re-rolling hunter/mage/UH DK, in which case, I have no clue what comps to do

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    double healer (one a monK) / fotm class

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    beastcleave! (bm, enhance and any healer, maybe a monk!)

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    i am a warrior and i will be taking a monk healer.
    in 3v3 monk healer / warlock / warrior is what i would like to try out. been playing with locks since tbc so i will pick the best healer that goes with this comp in MOP. no interest in cleaves.

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    Monk/whatever I play. We all know Monks are going to be OP for a bit.

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    Chinese chicken cleave! Monk/Druid/Healer


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    i dont think monks will be op, locks will tho, maybe well see more triple dps with the insane off healing that I am seeing

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    Well since our mains are going to be leveled first, most likely dk/boomy/rsham for lots, but if I had to pick an op comp i would probably say monk/lock/xxxxx the last being anything really, kinda like lock/shammy/x now
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    Ret palli/monk healer! I'm curious to see how that'll play out. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punks View Post
    Triple Monk
    Tire cleave.

    Just roll all day.

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    In 3's I'm probably going priest (me)/warrior/druid. Two guidlie friends of mine who love to PvP are looking for a third for 3's and I might volunteer to be that person, as long as it doesn't cut into my pet battling (since I will have very little interest this expansion in doing dailies).

    In 2's I might go priest (again, me) and ret pally. Our GM had both of his usual 2's partners quit the game, so I could run with him. I dunno if I'm up to his ability, but I wasn't too bad in 2's in BC with my rogue friend, and that was as PvE holy just wearing some resilience gear. With a spec designed for PvP, I could probably perform at least up to those standards.

    In both situations, I have not decided yet if I will run as holy or discipline. I'm leaning towards holy at present. I will play around with it some in 5.0 and see which one I like more.
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    Triple McChicken boomkin burst alllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooooong
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    shadowplay w/druid
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    Prolly some 2s games before trying 3s, and as I'm a shaman healer I might just pick any dps for the first games

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    im really wanting to try, Boomie / Aff lock / Healer.
    Seems like with symb it can be interesting

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