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    Is herpes a cure for atheism?

    I don't mean to offend anyone but is it? :P

    So I know this guy, (hes my uncle) and he recently got herpes (he's gay) and now thats got him reading the Bible...

    Of course I wont be going around giving people my uncle's herpes or whatever but im just curious if this has happened before?

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    No, it's not a cure for atheism.
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    What... am I reading?

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    i laughed so hard when i read this....i just don't know what else to say

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    Atheism is a disease? I had to laugh pretty hard there.

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    Stupid question of the year award 2012 goes to...

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    This will be closed in about 37 seconds.

    But no, it's not. STIs are more common in highly religious states, but I'm pretty sure this isn't a result of conversions...

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    No, herpes is a cure for idiots not using protection.

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    ummm ok.. so i dont believe in anything... if i get herpes is it going 2 make me read the bible no...
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    A 'cure' for something requires it to be a 'disease'. Are you saying that Atheism is a disease?

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    loling so hard.
    Atheism isn't a disease, and why you would consider an actual disease a cure to an opinion is beyond me.

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    If atheism is a disease, I don't want to be cured.

    Especially not by herpes.

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    You should go ask this on reddit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hothgor View Post
    A 'cure' for something requires it to be a 'disease'. Are you saying that Atheism is a disease?
    A disease that will land you into the hands of SATAN and then into eternal torment and agony and suffering in HELL.

    Why do you ask? I thought everyone knew Atheism is a disease.

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    No, it's not.

    But reading the Bible is the quickest way to atheism.

    Also this is going to get locked since it will turn into a religion bashing thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayoshi View Post
    You should go ask this on reddit
    Is that a Christian site?

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    I seriously doubt anything is a foolproof cure for atheism. They are a stubborn lot.

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    If everyone was buddhist, the world would be a better place. Yep, come at me bro!

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    Atheism is a terminal condition.

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    This is obviously a troll post. Religious talk on the internet is bound for arguments.

    Mods please lock this.

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