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    Your top ten street fighters

    So earlier I watched the AE'12 tournament for Evo '12, and the final 8 fighters all have different characters represented. It got me thinking: what if Capcom made the mother of all Street Fighters? That means all characters from all Street Fighters in one giant kick-ass game. And it also made me think of my favorite fighters from those games. I know who I would play as. Who are part of your top ten?!

    10. Cracker Jack - EX
    9. Elena - 3/SFxT
    8. Dee Jay - 2/Alpha/4
    7. M. Bison (Vega/Dictator) - 2/Alpha/EX/4/SFxT
    6. Skullomania - EX
    5. Yang - 3/4
    4. El Fuerte - 4
    3. Thunder Hawk - 2/Alpha/4
    2. Vulcano Rosso - EX
    1. Fei Long - 2/Alpha/4

    One being my favorite.

    Dishonorable mention; Rufus, Gil, Urien

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    1. Chun Lee, always Chun Lee.

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    Zangief the red cyclone!!!
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    I always liked Blanka and Ryu

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    Dhalsim number one! Yoga Flaaaaame!
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    Can't really make a top 10, but there's no competition from my side, Guile is my absolute favorite.

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    1. Poison (can consider her a Street Fighter now officially, since she's in STREET FIGHTER x Tekken, not Capcom x Tekken or something)
    2. Vega
    3. Chun Li
    4. Hugo
    5. Dudley
    6. M. Bison
    7. Rolento

    Can't think of more, don't like any other Street Fighter character.

    As a list for the WORST characters goes, then 1st place is definitely Ryu. Most boring, bland, stupid character not just in series, but in all videogames history overall.

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    1. Dan Hibiki (SFA2/SFA3/MSHvSF/MvC2/CvS2/SSFIV:AE)
    2. Sean (SFII:SI/SFIII:3S)
    3. Allen Snider (EX+a)
    4. Charlie Nash (SFA/SFA2/SFA3/XvSF/MvC2)
    5. T. Hawk (SFII/SSFIV:AE)
    6. Remy (SFIII:3S)
    7. Hakan (SSFIV:AE)
    8. Seth (SSFIV:AE)
    9. Q (SFIII:3S)

    'Tis all I got.

    We need more fighting game enthusiasts on this forum.
    I mostly play fighting games these days.

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    1. Vega (SF2, SFA3, SFEX2, CvS, SvC, SVC Chaos, SF4, SFxT)
    2. Gouken (SF4)
    3. Rolento (SFA2+3, SFxT)
    4. Guy (SFA1+2+3, Capcom Fighting Jam, SFxT)
    5. Dan (SFA2+3, MSHvSF, CvS2, MvC2, SF3, The Man)
    6. Twelve (SF3)
    7. Gouki/Akuma (SF2+3+4, SFA1+2+3, MSH, X-Men: Children of the Atom, MSHvSF, MvC1+2+3, Super Gem Fighter)
    8. Sakura (SFA2+3, SFEX3, SF4, MvC1+2, CvS, NxC, Super Gem Fighter, MSHvSF, SFxT)
    9. Dudley (SF3+4, SFxT)
    10. Remy (SF3)

    There may be some mistakes in that list, most of it was just from memory.

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    I was always a big fan of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and the Neo Geo King Of Fighter games.

    But if I had to pick a fighter from SF I think I would pick Ken because he was dreamy and my friends would always play Ryu so I'd have to show them up.

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    1: Q (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)
    2: Rufus (Street Fighter 4)
    3: Skullomania (Street Fighter EX)
    4: Dan (Street Fighter Alpha)
    5: Area (Street Fighter EX 2 Plus)
    6: Hugo (Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact)
    7: Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    8: Necro (Street Fighter 3)
    9: Cody (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
    10: Twelve (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)

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    Sakura. Odd choice but, Ryu clone or not I can't be stopped with her. (oddly enough I suck with Ryu :P)

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