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    Looking back, everyone in school had a Sega Mega Drive, a load of people had the Super Nintendo too but the Mega Drive was extremely popular and it had a load of great games, personally I never had the 32x or the Sega CD but the Mega Drive was great.

    Then came the Saturn, I wanted one so bad, I remember going to Toys r Us and the guy was directing us to the playstation, not sure if they were getting paid to do this (I was only a child, maybe 10 years old) but they really pushed the playstation at us, but I wasnt interested I wanted the Sega Saturn. So christmas came and I had it, came with 3 games

    Sega Rally
    Virtua Fighter 2

    All 3 of these games I loved, I played Sega Rally to death, I used to brag at how I was the best in town at Sega Rally, and I probably was even at that age. Virtua Fighter I loved too, it managed to push me off Street Fighter 2 and I learned all the moves for all the characters, I wasn't very good but I loved it, Wipeout I played the least but I still put in a lot of time to complete that game too.

    Next up - Panzer Dragoon 2 - Amaaaazing crazy game, I loved this game and again played it to death. Tomb Raider - I sucked balls at it but at the time it was pretty groundbreaking and I would watch my older brother play it, it did not come out on the playstation until later. There were a bunch more games that I had (still have) and I remember a bunch of people at school also had saturns so it was definitely not a complete failure even if the Playstation was instantly the market leader.

    The saturn was a great console with great games, I was too young to remember why it would have failed, but in my eyes it was a console with great games that I played to death, though I got a Playstation later for Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy, it was never really the console that grabbed me and just like the PS2 and PS3 that I do also own, I only bought them for those game franchises, I only own 1 game for my PS3 (aside from PSN freebies) - Gran Turismo 5.

    To me in terms of awesomeness looking back...

    Dreamcast/Saturn/N64 > Mega Drive > Snes/Nes PS3/PS2/PS1/Gamecube

    I don't own an Xbox or Xbox 360, and have only tried a Wii once or twice.
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