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    It's also the king IMO.

    Only thing that needs to get patched right now is HT's Storm.
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    I would have to say no, from a personal perspective.

    It was fun the first month, two months top, especially the first time you progress through the campaign, that is really epic. But it did not take me long to get bored of PvP in StarCraft 2, which is the central part of the game. I stopped after a month, and can’t stand a single match anymore.

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    From your OP, it sounds like you never played SC1, so I am guessing from a story standpoint you are not interested in the series.

    From a Gameplay perspective SCII is a good RTS, the downside is it takes a heavy amount of processing power and you will run into slow performance alot in games that are 6 player +

    Personally, I couldnt get into SCII that much, since it felt too different from the Original SC1 gameplay, but I did like the custom map settings games. Only downside I think is most modders in the community are lacking in creativity in comparison to the thousands of different types of games that existed in WCIII.

    Other than that, if you are looking for a new RTS experience SCII is not a bad purchase.
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    Worth it. The game itself is great, the only mild disappointment is 2.0 around it. Compared to Warcraft III, Blizzard cut created tournaments, race stats, map stats, clan support. The campaign is very good, if you intend to play multiplayer online it's a must have game. Coming from somebody who thinks both Cata and Diablo III (in its current state) are garbage.

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    The game is great, you can try the Starcraft II 1.5 Arcade Beta, it's free and see if you'll like it or not
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    Very worth it. If you enjoyed WC3, then there's little reason for you not to enjoy Starcraft 2. Some mechanics are kind of similar to the races you may be used to. e.g. the zerg's creep is similar to blight, and terran can lift some buildings like the night elves could uproot. It won't feel too out of place, in my opinion, and there are just as large a variety of custom games for you to choose from in SC2!
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