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    <<Satyriasis>> 10M LF 5.2 HM raiders

    We are Satyriasis. Our second 10 man group is looking for people to fill out our roster for progression kills. Our first 10 man group is 6/6 in MSV hard mode and 3/6 in Hof hard mode with normal full cleared. The second group is just getting geared and ready for 5.2. Once our roster is filled we fully expect to compete with our sister run.

    If you are interested in joining our guild you should know a few things. We have fun first and foremost. But if you are constantly wiping due to stupidity you are also ruining other people’s fun. We are also a very mature group so if you are easily offended, don’t take criticism well, or don’t understand sarcasm we probably aren’t the group for you.

    We are looking for intelligent players that can show up to raid for two nights a week work hard and progress as much as the guilds that raid for 20 hours a week. Our current needs are a plate DPS, DK or Ret with off spec heals preferred. We also are looking for a healer Pally or Druid with offspec boomkin. Exceptional players are always welcome.

    We raid Monday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30. But expect to stay for 10-15 minutes after that if we are close to a kill. If you are interested in joining our raid please whisper or send in game mail to Akku or Moonbeastman.

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    Happy Patch 5.2 eve Everyone!

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    Still looking for a few good players. Feel free to come over to Greymane before 7:30 CT and talk to us before our Thunder King raid. Ask for Moonbeastman or Akku.

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    This action is totally not a bump.

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