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    In the market for new speaker system for PC.

    I was lookin at the Corsair SP2500, I like the look, the remote, the sheer size. Not so much on the price ($249.99), although during July they're $50 off to make 'em $199.

    Was wondering if their was any comparable sets, I'd prefer larger speakers, and no more than the Corsair ones in terms of price perferably.


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    I'd say the Corsair SP2500 is a good choice, especially if you can find them around ~$180 or so. My friend picked up them for 1400SEK I believe, and at that price they are certainly awesome.

    You should be able to find a pair of Swan M200MKII for around $200 or slightly above. For $50 cheaper or so, you could pick up a pair of M-Audio AV 40's or a pair of Samson MediaOne 4a's.

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