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    What Street fighter game to start with?

    So I've nearly really played Street fighter, but it looks really, really fun.

    Do I get Street Fighter IV Arcade, or Street Fighter X Tekken?

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    SF IV Arcade. SF x Tekken don't worth any cent.

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    Super Street Fighter 4
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    Street Fighter IV, definitely. A much more fundamentals based game, in my opinion, a much better place to learn.

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    I personally would recommend getting a PS2 and getting Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and Capcom Classics Collection (the first if you want to play some of the different versions of SF2 or the 2nd if you want to play the original Street Fighter arcade game).

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    STAY WAY FROM STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN. Seriously, stay the fuck away from it.

    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is the best way to go at the moment. It teaches great fundamentals and has a high enough execution gap that will allow you to transition to other games properly. Being good in SSFIV provides you with knowledge of footsies, zoning, spacing, definitive character tiers, frame advantage, and concept of ability balance (damage/priority/other effects). There are also multiple different playstyles that you have to adapt to in-order to properly play characters.

    Other than that, I recommend King of Fighters XIII and Skull Girls. Each one of those games require much more dedication, but the payoffs are incredible.

    If you are good in King of Fighters XIII, you'll be respected pretty much everywhere. It's a very high execution game that demolishes your concept of "decent" that you may have in your head. You think you are good? Ha. You will be destroyed, and you will be shit on. Out of that mess, you'll rebuild your skills into an incredible machine. It's the only game that will make you a better fundamental player than Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

    Skull Girls is the "new" Marvel vs Capcom 2, which was popular due to it's insane speed and instinct-based gameplay. You don't have time to think. You only have time to react, but it's HOW you react that determines how good of a player you are. I fucking love Skull Girls. I am a diehard Marvel 2 player, and that game is the closest that I have to the same type of action.

    Feel free to ask about anything specific =D
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    I mostly play fighting games these days.

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    Street Fighter 2 champion edition.

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