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    Horde Quest - Acid Rain - Bug?

    So the quest is to kill

    25 Gutripper Hozen
    25 Nibstabber Hozen,

    now these spawns are directly opposite the quest giver, the map marks them there as well, and they are their, with exactly the same names as in the log,

    Now, when I kill them I'm getting no credit, no loot not even the option to check the corpse, BUT I DO get exp for the kill

    Anyone else found this problem, and if so how did you get around it to carry on into the content?

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    Check if you're in a raid. My most made mistake while questing.

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    did you kill them "by hand" or did you hop onto that flying machine? if you did the former, you were doing it wrong

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    What Sahugani said. There should be a helicopter that you jump into that flies you around and you'll have two abilities: one for single-target kills and one for aoe'ing a group.

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    Ah ha, yes I was doing it wrong, thank you and thanks for the reply

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