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    GF 520 vs GF 8600GT

    I have Asus GF 8600 GT.
    is Asus GF GT520 1GB DDR3, better and worthy upgrade?
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    Unlikely. It's not a gaming card by any stretch of the imagination, and for VRAM, DDR3 is very very slow.

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    No, the 8600 is more or less about even. You'll need to spend at the very least $130~ for a gaming capable card.
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    Regardless of whether it is an upgrade or not, if you want to play games on the computer, don't bother with the GT520. It is just about enough to watch DVD quality video and not much more.

    Much better to save up a bit longer and get something like an HD 6850 (you can get them as low as 115 dollars if you get a good rebate and MIR).
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