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    Hunter's - Level 90 & DPS.

    Before I get into anything, I want to state that as it stands with this patch, hunters are one of the worst classes on beta along side with rogues. This is not a QQ thread, but simply a place where people can try to maximize their DPS with the current patch on the beta.


    I have not yet run enough tests with Surv, but I have found MM hard-casting Aimed Shot having the highest Single-Target DPS between the 2 other specs.

    Current Spec: http://mop.wowhead.com/mists-of-pand...calculator#hfj

    Current Glyphs: The only glyph that is an absolute MUST is Marked for Death.

    Current Rotation: Dire Beast > Stampede > Serpent Sting > Chimera Shot > Rapid Fire > Aimed Shot > Steady Shot (x2+)*

    *Try to keep up Steady Focus by casting Steady Shot 2x in a row.

    I have found this spec to allow me to pump anywhere from 60-70k consistently on the target dummy.


    I do have a very open mind and welcome suggestions/ constructive criticism.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
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