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    Building a new computer. I need a few pointers.

    Hey. I'm semi new to building computers. I haven't built one yet, but I have reviewed some guides and I have actually upgrade my current one before. So I know what's going on. What I am not familiar with is which part goes better with which part. What I am looking in a computer is one that is can hold more than one video card if I choose to get more, and one that has a SSD. I have chosen to most likely use one of Chauds builds, preferably his Unicorn build. I can't post links since I'm new here. That build is around my price range I believe that I'll be able to go up in quality if needed. I'm looking into recording and live streaming LOL/WOW/GW2/MC and whatever other game I decide once I get it all set up. I want to be able to record those in HD. So if you think Chauds build is good enough for this please tell me.

    Also, if you guys have any videos, blogs, guides, whatever that I can view/read to learn a lot more about building computers and what to do when I put everything together and hit the power button, and what tools or safety measures I need to take to not ruin any parts while building.

    Also another question, is it worth getting anything better than Windows 7 Home or the lowest one? What are the benefits?

    Thank you.

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    1200 build, swap the GPU for the ASUS DCII. Swap the heatsink for a NZXT Havik (or, any cheap tower-cooler you can find that is acceptable in terms of performance; Hyper 212+, Corsair A70, etc). Add a Samsung 830 128GB or 256GB SSD to the mix. Windows is around $100. Add an ODD, and any other peripherals you need. Depending on what SSD you get, it shouldn't end up costing more than ~$1500. You could get a 3570k, and you should if the price is equal to the 2500k. The gain is only around 7% or so at best per clock cycle, nothing you will notice. Swap the case if you have a specific preference.

    Gaming 1200
    MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H$139.99 Review
    CPU: Intel i5 2500k$219.99
    RAM: G.Skill Sniper 1600Mhz 2x4GB$48.99
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670$399.99
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB$109.99
    PSU: Corsair TX550M$99.99 Review
    Heatsink: Thermaltake Frio$59.99 Review
    Case: Corsair 500R$139.99
    Estimated Total Price – $1219

    Recommended for:
    Very strong gaming build that will take care
    of most gaming needs. Will handle most newer
    titles at max or close to max settings given
    a resolution of 1080p.

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