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    Quote Originally Posted by Delias View Post
    Game releases in the summer - "What a fail release date, everyone's busy during the summer. Games don't release in the summer."
    Game releases right after the summer - "What a fail release date, all the kids are going back to school so they can't play."
    Game releases in the winter rush - "What a fail release date, now it has loads of games to compete with."
    Game releases after the winter rush - "What a fail release date, everyone is busy playing the games from the winter rush."
    LOL This^ Some people like to whine and moan about everything and anything.

    The release date is fine, I wish it was earlier but for now it's perfect. I'm happy and ready to play. Finally my Charr Warrior will be here to stay once created on live servers.

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    My brain is full of fuck - why exactly would we even consider this a release date fail?

    Then again, when it comes to the poll: "Would you prefer a different release date?" My answer would have to be "Yes" - I would like it to be tomorrow.

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