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    Smite Beta

    So I've been watching the videos for Smite and it looks pretty cool, now I just need to get into the beta. Has anyone played it or is in the beta? What are your thoughts about it?
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    Im downloading right NAW! My internet is so crappy that i have to wait 1h30 for 1.20gb of game client
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    I've been playing it, Its fun.. And im sure some people would class it as awesome. But its not doing much for me. Feels great don't get me wrong, Just doesn't feel great enough.

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    I tried it out because I've seen more than a few people say it's fun, and I'm shocked to discover just how janky/low quality it is. It looks like it's from 10 years ago and they've basically just copied LoL completely.

    That said the formula kinda works, I just don't think much of Hi Rez Studios. Now if S2Games took their Savage series and combined it with HoN, that would be something interesting.

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