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    Question A 'What Profession are you going to play?' Thread

    It's highly surprising there isn't one of these active already! This is purely light discussion and is a little deeper than just 'profession you're going to play' - I'm interested to see the proportion, at least for the MMO Champion community, of Profession choices.

    As for posts, I'd be interested in seeing what race and profession combination you're doing, how you're going to build your character (Hard working, loyal soldier. Reformed criminal, etc.), what play style you're going to use, such as sword and dagger Ranger or flamethrower Engineer and what you're planning on doing with your time mainly, collecting cosmetic items and titles, doing a lot of pvp, collecting skill points, exploring etc.

    Like I say, this is purely a thread of interest, just to see what everyone's planning on doing.

    Personally, I'm planning on playing as a Charr Engineer. I'm planning on building him with a close-range flamethrower build will utility skills such as Rocket Boots for retreats and kicks and Slick Shoes for movement speed increase and knockdowns - I'm going to build the character as a loyal member of the Iron Legion and I'll probably spend most of my time doing PvP.

    How about you?

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    My all around main will be my OC: Vren. I took Shadowdancer because my husband wants to bring back his Dervish as a Thief in #2, and so we made a "couple" duo. He plays his female Human Thief, I play my male Sylvari Guardian. And I picked Sylvari because they're just too cool to pass up. I'll know more about his story when the BWE #3 rolls around.

    I love Sword/Torch, Mace/Torch, and Scepter/Focus. But I tend to always carry more weapons than I need anyways. :P

    And I'll be doing uuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrverything ArenaNet has to offer in-game and out!

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    Playing a male Norn Thief (Sword+Pistol/Double Pistol). Doing hardcore sPvP, but also PvE for fun and
    reading/watching/exploring/fighting everything the PvE world has to offer. Doing all the jumping puzzles!!

    Making an female Asura Mesmer focused on confusion and lots of portals and teleports.

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