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    Please PM if interested in a invite - Plenty to go around

    And if a certain UberMerc is moderating this Post (u know who u are)..............LUV U MAN!!


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    I have 25 invites still left if anyone wants, just PM me.

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    PM me for an invite(EU), got plenty left.
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    I really want this mount. I have 23 invites left.
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    I want to be invited in Sw ToR Free trial. And I would love to PM you but I cant because some count of posts. Idk. So I will put my e-mail here. Pls somebody just invite me i would be most greateful.
    My e-mail is gamerboca at yahoo dot com

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    Who need a invite to SWTOR-EU , send me PM with your Mail.

    24 invites Left

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    i have the full 25 invites available. PM me on here if your interested.

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    message me if you would liek and invite. i relaly wanna get this mount! plus ill help you out if you need anythign in game :P

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    `got 25 invites left. PM me your email and i'll invite you
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    hey guys, PM me lookin to use a friend trial

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    I am going to buy the game August 7th (date when its going to cost $14.99) and i want somebody to recruit me and help me out. preferably on Prophecy of the five. PM me and ill reply with my email. thanks

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    I have 24 referals left and I am upping my offer to 1 million credits on one of three servers I have the money on. (Jedi Covenant, Shadowlands, Canderous Ordo). Note, I will not pay until I get the speeder.

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    I would like a trial (I'm on EU) so first one to send me one to thebookoffiverings at gmail dot com has a chance to get the mount if I like the game enough

    EDIT: Since I just joined the forums I can't send a PM to anyone so if someone would be kind enough to send me a trial key on EU I would appreciate it ^^
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    If you want an invite and plan to sub, send me a PM here -- Playing on Prophecy of Five, Empire Side, PVP East Coast Server. Will throw ya 1million credits to get my speeder.. Decent amount of credits to get you started.. Also more than happy to help you out with questing/leveling etc.. Have 3 50s and several alts.

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    Please send me one invite to [email protected]

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    Tried sending you one Huntermanx.. Guess someone beat me to it!

    Offer still stands as stated above. PM me here and I'll shoot you an invite asap. Also still tossing out 1million credits and again will gladly quest/level etc with ya, as I'm leveling a few alts atm. 2 republic and 2 empire.

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    To whomever subscribed after accepting one of my invites in the old thread, thanks for giving a hand in letting me have the speeder . I still have invites left for whoever wants to give the game a go.

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    Loving the reward mount. Thing is beast I signed my gf up lol

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    I don't think this works if you already purchased the game.. Have recieved a few people requesting invites.. But I believe it's for new subscribers only?

    At any rate.. Offer still stands. 1million credits if you sub, and I'd be more than happy to help you level/quest.. as again, I have 3 Empire 50s and 4 alts I'm playing right now. 2 Empire/2 Republic.

    Prophecy of Five -- East Coast USA PVP server.

    Have a good one.

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    Upping the offer to 1.5 million credits if you sub so I can get my speeder.

    PM me your email and I'll send the invite asap.

    And again I'm more than happy to assist in leveling/questing.. Whether you choose Empire or Republic, as I have 2 alts on both sides as stated before.. Along w/3 Empire 50s.

    Take me up on this soon.. As I'm debating just making a 2nd account as I did in Wow 1.5mill is a nice chunk of change to start game with.

    Prophecy of Five -- East Coast PVP Server

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