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    Rated battleground group

    Hello fellow pvp´s.

    I am looking for a great pvp group there are running RBG at weekly basic. I am playing a SUB Rogue atm have 4.9K resi. My rating is unfortunatly not so hight atm because i have never had luck finding any RBG groups, so therefor im trying the luck here. If you need a lonely rogue, then im yours. I am really eager to learn pvp beyond basic, so i will listen to great advices , tips´n tricks from the group ill join.

    Also if you just know a guild or group who are running RBG often, then tell me about it.

    In the future im more than willing to move realm if i find the right group, but in the start ill rather join through realid so i dont ruin my a**.

    Link to my char http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Xenoia/simple

    PS please dont make this thread into some kind of troll stuff...

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    I feel you.

    I really wish I had folks to grind these randoms with to pass the time while I build up the required resil. Many WoW players consider PvP to be a side minigame. I personally prefer the BGs over LFD. Working on it. I am going to talk with folks until I find it every day I log into WoW. I am going to research my class and specs and try to pick up good habits and be a good partner to have around.

    The deal I have found that keeps folks out of RBGs is fourfold. 1. You HAVE to join their guild. Not sure why. Power maybe? If it was a ultra RBG guild that ran things 24/7, yeah. But most of those guilds are dead when no BGs are going on and break up often. I like green chat text. 2. Playtime. We all know God hates second shift. 3. Starting RBG groups rarely advertise. All you see are these ads on some far flung server wanting specific specs and you need all the gear. I will be durned if I spend money to go some place just to be stranded if that guild falls apart. 4. Many folks want to be carried. Some premade groups I spent time in left if we did not own every time. Rather than hang around and learn/gear together, they leave.

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    Go on a good pvp server and pug to 1800 cross realm. By then you should have enough realid friends to rbg with. It's not hard.

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    I've had very good success using openraid to find RBG groups. Some are better than others, but after doing it for a while you can put together a pretty nice friends list of others who are into RBGs and you'll know what their skill is like as well.

    www.openraid.us and www.openraid.eu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilderness View Post
    This. I have found some good groups on Openraid, and it is also a place where you can make your group if you want to.

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