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    Grimoire of Sacrifice and The New Improved Soul fire!?

    I was not gonna mention this, since everyone is focused on the "petless lock" capabilities of Grimoire of Sacrifice. Yet a bigger concern arose in me, considering the PvE implications...

    Ok to start of this is the talent:


    Now my plan for using this in PvP would of been to use it as a CD while in destro spec. That is to pop all my cds+ sacrifice, when I were about to start bursting ppl with chaos bolt. Notice that you get 30% overall dmg increase for 15 secs. After that I would generate another ember and use flame of xoroth to resummon my pet.

    Now the problem with this is.. Do you guys think the 30% dmg increase will be enough as to warrant the use flame of xoroth to keep this buff up instead of chaos bolt??

    I am just concerned for the guys in the PvE side of the fence. (Or maybe it is a blessing for those QQing about Destro simplicity??)

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    Isn't the sac build good for most specs on beta? I can kinda see them doing this so warlocks don't immediately make the decision to be entirely petless.. I have to agree, it's a little retarded they took out one mechanic so many complained about just to implement another that gives us what half the warlock community wants as an option gimped by the same things we didn't want in the first place.

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    I was doing some testing the other day and Grimore of Sacrifice was coming out to a dps loss. The pets are hitting a bit too hard for the passive effect to make up for it. Yes it will be nice for a quick burst but over the course of the 2min the 15% damage boost is less than what a living pet would be doing. Now that's not to say this talent won't have it's uses. For example in the Sha of Fear fight, you lost your pet if you are chosen to go to an outer platform. In fights like this where you will have to continually resummon a pet I could see this talent being good. Although Nightfall is currently not regening shards on beta so when this bug gets fixed and we have some shards to spare this might not be an issue.

    I could see people complaining about the burst in PvP but it's a 2min cd so I don't see it being too terrible. Other classes have CDs that could counter this and if used right I think they will be fine. But I'm not much of a PvPer so I don't think about these things much.

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    I believe pet's Fel Energy is still bugged, which is why they're hitting so hard.

    Edit: OP, I think at this point you're better asking such a question in the Class Balance thread on the official forums.
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    GoSac's tooltip is wrong, and has been for a very long time. For Destro, the bonus it grants is 30% damage (60% for the first 15 seconds) to Incinerate, Conflagrate, Fel Flame, and Immolate (only the initial direct damage, not the DoT). Chaos Bolt is not affected.

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    Chaos bolt is not affected by GoSac, but Shadowburn is, you can test it, even the tooltip display a damage increase .

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