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    Opposing Faction Friend Preforms?

    Anyone know how difficult it is to match up queues with someone of the opposite faction? I don't think Battlegroups are a thing anymore, but does that or anything else make this difficult to do?

    Trying to find an easy way to get annoying BG achievements (AB/Gilneas defenses, ugh). Thanks!

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    How can I cheat the game and get my achievements w/o effort and probably bannable offense? Come on dude! If you do this in arena its called win trading...
    "Druid must be boss, Hunter is just Drain-monkey.

    Hunter scatter this rogue.
    Hunter drain that priest.
    Hunter where is frost trap. Bad Hunter! No banana!
    Hunter where is flare? No flare, you get replaced by retarded warrior!"


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    I've seen people let the opposing faction cap during children's week. (Well not around me, I'm not losing a BG to let your friend get part of an achievement...) So it's meh, I doubt Blizzard would ban him for it.

    Although you'd have an easier time making a pre made. The only way to really queue into your friend of an opposing faction as far as I know is to time things well and be lucky, since usually each faction has a diff queue time.

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