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    My Warlock & My Mage

    After leaving the game right after Cataclysm started I recently returned and have been playing my Warlock and my Mage. Both play really well in PvP and seem to fill different roles really well. Warlock basically needs a portal and health stone as well as peeling and healing in group settings.

    Affliction can't seem to kill any one on its own in group settings but is tough to nail down with support.

    Frost is a solid spec, great control and very hard to nail down even with help, easy to keep up by healers but Spell Steal costs a ton of mana. Setting up the burst rotation is super easy and hits like a 10 ton truck, invisibility pretty much guarantees an opener which is a huge advantage. Fire is a monster, puts out great damage and loves to play in melee range -much like Frost just hotter, pun intended.

    Warlock feels like a support one-trick pony, Unstable Affliction to cover your DoT and fear spam, seriously? When I played Affliction it hit hard as hell, if I got a full DPS rotation on some one it was pretty much over for him if they didn't heal! At 80 Unstable Affliction crit for massive amounts! Affliction had burst and crit meant something!

    I tried Destruction, Immolate dispel is annoying as hell, and as soon as the other team realizes I'm destro I become public enemy number 1 lol I tried Demo and its fun for laughs against PuG BG melee and hunters or send it after a Mage and pop CC immunity and watch the mage get shredded but does little in group team play.

    Mage both Fire and Frost seem to have really cool things, seems to bring so much to the table. Control, mitigation, burst and utility.

    I guess the Warlock I knew and loved is no more!

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    Eh, what is the point of this thread really? You made it to tell us that locks aren't as good now as they were in wotlk or what? That isn't really true but I agree with that they are probably less entertaining now as affli is the only viable spec and since they got soul swap now it makes it even more boring.

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    Warlocks are the class that's always been viable in every season of arena. Granted, in Cataclysm that destruction is no longer viable and affliction is the only PvP sec, and it isn't working as well anymore solo. I'd stick with your mage for random battlegrounds imo. Both fire and frost are more fun than affliction is right now, and both of the specs work in arena up to high ratings.

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    Demon warlocks are fun but unplayable in pvp atleast for me. I so want instant hog and immolate protection.

    And fel guard buffed..

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    Fire Mage is burstier and better against idiots, but in a situation with a dispeller, they will struggle. find a group of people on your lock, stand in the middle and DOT everything, and you did the highest dmg and killed the most people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidbear View Post
    Fire Mage is burstier and better against idiots, but in a situation with a dispeller, they will struggle. find a group of people on your lock, stand in the middle and DOT everything, and you did the highest dmg and killed the most people.
    But I know it wasn't real, its just stat padding! I might be wrong but did Affliction not have enough burst to kill people in Wrath? I clearly recall +20k crist on my DoT.

    Let me put it in another way:

    I love the feeling and idea of Corrupting, Cursing and draining my enemies life force.

    Siphon Life / Corruption / Curse of Agony / Drain Life / Shadow Bolt Nightfall / Curse of Exhaustion actually had a sold snare!

    I miss that Affliction, the one based on sucking the life out of my enemy THAT WAS FUN!

    In case some have forgotten what that talent tree looked like: http://wowvault.ign.com/View.php?vie...y_select_id=10

    I know games evolve thats why we still pay a sub and play, no one would pay for Vanilla -at least not 10 million people- but did Affliction need to lose its identity?

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    Why do people never specify what kind of PVP they're doing? Random BGs/Rated BGs/2v2/3v3/5v5? You will have a completely different experience in each.

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    For random bg's in my opinion locks are one of the very worst classes to play solo, if you got a mate to heal you then it's alot better obviously but alone I find it depressing as fuck when you come up against a melee and you can't do shit really but in arenas locks are always one of the most used classes simply because they get heals, it comes down to luck in random bg's aswell one game they just tunnel you whereas in the next you can do some free dps, all in all though locks are a boring class on par with shamans while a fire mage is a ton more fun for random bg's.

    In wrath a lock felt better as you could control someone, aka the entire point of affliction to me when you had drain mana and not every healer could dispel your dots but now without drain mana and any healer being able to dispel your dots I just find locks really shit and with the insane healing these days plus the self healing pretty much every char has now you need to outgear someone by a ridiculous amount to kill them with dots.

    You can go any range on the game for a random bg and do more dmg than a lock plus enjoy yourself alot more.

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