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    Any Norn update?

    Can anyone tell me if they did any update on the Norn model/animations since last beta weekend?

    I love the race and everything about it in theory but was kinda bit dissapointed how bulky all the models were and how running looked for them. Saw some posts from others feeling same way so curious if they did anything about it in the meantime.

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    It's difficult to make large races look natural because all races need to move at the same speed, and if things were allowed to be like they would in real life, Norn would be faster than every other race, with maybe the exception of Charr who run on all fours.

    But I agree that the animations make the race feel a bit awkward to play, but it's a taste that can be aquired. I remember being off put by Barbarians in Everquest because of this, that was a long time ago and I might be making that up.

    No, we haven't seen or heard anything about this lately, I hope they are tweaking animations frequently, from the Asura video the was put out a while ago it looked like the 'floating' effect was fixed a little bit more, and the camera was allowed to zoom out even more so those flaws won't be in your face as much.
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