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    Compatible Warrior 2v2 Comps?

    Hey Guys
    Can someone please give me some advice on good warrior 2v2 Comps Because
    I Find it hard in some of my comps after my burst to survive, and possibly with no burst up!
    With 4.5k i go down pretty fast, co could someone give me a 'Support' Comp or a Good 'Burst' Comp i could use
    Because its one or the other Right, you cant have both
    Help is appreciated!

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    Warriors don't really have other choices than to play with healers. Resto druid's are generally good warrior healers but they aren't in a very good shape right now so I suggest you to pick a shaman, pala or disc priest instead. A disc priest can dispel 2 magic effects off you and they have the best offensive tools, shaman are generally good with strong heals and purges and palas got freedom which is got for warriors. So probably priest would fit you best.

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    Hello, I play as a DK main (At around 2700-2800 MMR 3's) but I've been playing warrior since late vanilla early BC. I was 2247 rated as warrior/resto druid earlier this season, and I was 2300 as warrior ret pally in S10.

    Warrior Resto druid is a great comp, the druid offers offensive heals and cyclones(Which is what warrior needs.) It is possible to be higher rated as Warrior/resto then it would be as Warrior/Holy.

    Also Warrior/ret is the best comp you can run, Huge burst, CC, WoG's for warrior survivability, freedom, saq CS->openers, the list could go on forever!

    I don't like priest for warrior/priest because we don't offer the best peels for the priest as say a rogue or mage could, which is one of the problems for resto druids... Also your fears DR priest fears =/.
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