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    mop: State of unholy dk pvp

    Ive been away from wow since the first few months release of cata.I want to play again after I completed my army duty and mop released.Due to I dont have access to internet at army I cant follow news about class changes. Im wondering how dks changed for mop.Can you please give me a full link of dk class change log for mop? I m curios about unholy pvp. I played unholy at wotlk I managed to reach 1900 with my free time from work.I loved unholy dk at wotlk but at cata i found frost more practical compared to unholy and dks seemed too weak against other melees at cata to me .I dont like frost at all i found unholy more fun. Is unholy same compared to cata at mop?
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    Sorry, but this isn't the correct forum to post Class changes in. There is a Death Knight forum further down the page.

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