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    PvP Power vs. Attack Power

    Does anyone know the difference, in numbers, between PvP Power and Attack Power in terms of the damage done?

    For example, against a player, what is the difference of the damage done if a Warrior has 10000 attack power and 10000 PvP Power?

    Thank you very much.

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    I don't think you can compare them that way. Isn't attack power a stat weight that scales depending on different factors like class or move, and PVP Power is a flat out damage boost against a player?

    Not that I really understand melee characters or know too much about PVP power since I don't have beta...

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    This is what I would like to how, how PvP Power works, and how it is compared to Attack Power against a player.

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    It seems Attack Power works the same way as Spellpower, so I guess I'll try to explain it the same way.

    Strength (and agil?) from gear, based on class, give you a certain attack power. Attack power in turn works with a coefficient from the specific ability you're using to do a certain amount of damage.

    PVP Power, I think...I don't have beta...., increases your overall damage from an ability by a set amount based on the amount you have. So maybe 100 attack power gives you a 10% increase on damage.if your move would have done 20k, based on the ability damage (which was based off attack power), it'll do 22k because of the PVP power.

    Of course I don't play melee or have beta so remember, it's all just a guess sort of.

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    Oh I got it, thanks! But how much PvP Pwer increases de damamge done to player by 1%. In other words, how does PvP Power Scale?

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    I THINK I got it.

    Around 300 PvP Power / Resillience = 1% damage increase / reduction.

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