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  • Batman: Arkham City

    9 21.95%
  • The Witcher 2

    19 46.34%
  • Saints Row: The Third

    13 31.71%
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    Steam Summer Sale: The Community's Choice

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    I voted for Saints row, but only because I already have The Witcher 2.

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    Witcher, I'm interested enough in it that if it goes on sale, I might buy it.

    And I might buy it anyways.
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    I voted for The Witcher 2, since I've wanted it for a while, but it hasn't been on sale for lower than 40% whenever I see it on sale. It'd be nice to grab it for the posted sale price. I wouldn't mind Arkham City though, as that's another game on my list. I already have Saints Row.

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    Voted Saints Row since I already have both of the others.
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    Witcher 2. Already have batman, and witcher is the more interesting one to me.

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    Voted Batman Arkham City becos i have Saints row the Third and im not interested in the Witcher 2.

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    Witcher 2.

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    C'mon Witcher 2! Just nabbed the first one for £3.49 and would like to complete the set!

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    Sadly i have all 3. However i voted Saint's Row the Third. In hope that the DLC will be on sale to.

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    Woo, Saints Row won!

    Saints Row: 36%
    Batman: 32%
    Witcher: 31%

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    sad, I had my vote on witcher cause I wanted it more then saints row :P
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    I voted Witcher even though I have it, I don't own it via Steam. Also I don't like gangbanger video games like Saint's' Row. :c

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    I voted witcher, already got saints row a few weeks ago and i've played arkham city already.

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    Come to think of it, why does this thread exist when we have a thread already dedicated to the sale?

    Especially since there's a new poll every eight hours...

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    This thread is pretty useless since you can't change the poll...

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