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    GW2 vs MoP

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a WoW player since the Beta, and I never stoped playing the game, but I must say that Cata was crap and the only reason I'm still playing right now is because I'm trying to make a guild with some IRL friends. I have neither played MoP Beta or GW2 Beta.

    So my question is: In what the two games are differents? I feel like MoP will bring back some fun that was in the game years ago, but I'm a little scared that I'm just trying to avoid the fact that WoW is dying. I'm wondering if I'll find some fun in GW2. I played a little bit of GW but didn't like the gameplay, it feeled to slow, and not really fluid. That's my point of view and the reason I didn't play more. So is GW2 the same way?

    I don't know if I'm very clear, but I'm trying to find some information about the two games from players that are playing the Betas.

    Thanks for you answers!

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    No idea about GW2, and frankly I have barely played MoP beta (don't want to spoil lots of leveling content) but I like a lot of its features/general feel so far. I don't know if I will play another WoW expansion after MoP, but MoP is pretty good. It's like they got rid of all the jerks who made Cata (most likely shifting them to D3, seeing how that game turned out) and put fun people on MoP and said "let's make an expansion where you have cool stuff to do and a fun new class to play."
    The main thing I like about MoP beta so far is the Monk. It's just really fun even if it probably needs some tuning in the tank and heal specs.
    Like, I don't really care about pet battles in MoP. Maybe I will later, and I will certainly try it out just to give it a fair shake. But beyond that, they have given a lot of stuff for the more casual (read that as time-constrained) players like myself with scenarios, less frustrating random heroics (I could do the Cata launch heroics OK, I really could, but god most people sucked at them in LFD), LFR for every raid (the only realistic way I will see any raiding), and they STILL have kept up with the same challenges for the hardcores that play the game a lot more.
    In fact my only disappointment in the game is that challenge modes are restricted to premade groups only. I wish I could play with my 2 friends and just get a couple randoms to fill out the group and see how well we can do without pugging trade chat (my server is a hellhole for that).

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    GW2 is not at all the same as GW1. GW2 doesn't feel slow and is very action-oriented since you don't even spend any time picking up quests.

    The first post in this thread is long, but it's also very good:!

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    From what I've played of GW2 I can really recommend it. If I were you, I'd give both games a shot seeing as guild wars 2 doesn't have a sub fee.

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    Game VS game threads aren't allowed, they never end well.

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    All in all i think GW2 looks like a better game.
    But really who wants to play a mmo where your friends aren't? If you have a lot of IRL friends i WoW then stay there. 1000 times more fun to play with them than playing a slightly better game alone.

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    GW2 is a very different game from GW1, the differences would be too long to list instead check out the link Ananan provided. I personally am looking forward to GW2 a lot after having played in all the beta weekends but I would recommend you try first, buy the prepurchase for $60 and if you don't like it they will give you a refund

    I also played in the MoP beta for a little while and it was pretty fun, but I got bored of it after a bit because it felt a little bit of the same old game, I'm probably just worn out after playing the game for too long. I would still recommend getting MoP if you enjoy WoW

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    Going by the atmosphere and story behind MoP and the literal crap ton of new things to do (like the awesome pet battles, monk, challenge modes, and LFR for every raid now), I persoanally feel its going to be the best WoW expansion yet (Wrath was my favorite btw). Did three quest zones and a few dungeons while screwing around leveling a monk. I like what I'm playing.

    As for GW2, well shit, its going to be a great damn game as well. I really liked what I played in the first BWE and its the closest to the polish of WoW (ability use and character fluidity are being done right in GW2, a lot of MMOs after WoW just could never do those qualities too well) than any other MMO I've played after WoW in the past 7 years. That and the graphics are pretty damn great looking! Pick it up and get stuff done on your own time seems to be the name of the game and I love it.

    I'll be playing both until next year then dropping GW2 (until patches/expansions come out that is) for Phantasy Star Online 2.
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    Give both games a shot.

    GW2 is a fresh approach to MMO gaming by making the world feel very alive everywhere you go, like in a RPG game ( The RPG element is very important, you feel like a part of the world, and that is awesome! ) And they are doing that by dynamic events ( that are everywhere, there are about 15 per one zone and change depending of your success or failure so every Dynamic event has 4-5 stages. ) And they make the main cities very alive by making every character doing it's unique thing in it, ppl ( NPCs ) talking rumors about some places or historical events etc.

    Also the combat system ( as a whole ) is made that it makes you the master of yourself ( you are responsible for your life and death ) everyone has a healing spell ( you can choose from couple of different healing abilities that depend on the Class you play ( In GW2 Classes are called professions - Ranger, Warrior, Necromancer etc. )
    And you always have to be on the move and use active dodging to stay alive and/or evade big and crushing attacks. Your skill determines your DPS, life and usefulness in a group, not your gear or your class.

    GW1 and GW2 are very different games except in terms of the story/lore elements.

    As Ananan said, go look at that link it's a great description of GW2.

    Their moto is to bring back the RPG element in MMORPG, to make the best game they can ( did pretty good job so far ), and make your character mean something to the world ( not only to yourself ).

    That's the most basic i can give it out to you.
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    Well, in WoW, when someone dies in a group/raid, then it's "somebody's fault" afterwards. It's starts lots of "I hate you, you hate me" fights a lot of times, especially in LFD/LFR.

    In Guild Wars 2, while in a group or whatever, it's YOUR fault you didn't heal yourself or dodge in time. So in turn, you need to step your game up, because there's no one to blame here buddy but your own self.

    But still, I don't hate Blizzard or MoP, but I can see myself eating up their linear content so fast compared to Guild Wars 2. But I may keep playing just for the sake of balancing two games so I don't "fizzle out" too soon (which happens a lot).

    In the long run, if you have the money and time, I would split my time between both games. So one game can be for your time (GW2), and another so you can hang out with friends who don't want to play any other game (WoW).

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    Please read the sticky that was linked in the 2nd reply. Do some research, watch some videos, and if you need a specific question asked you're more than welcome to ask it, but game vs game threads aren't allowed.

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