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    Recount Issue

    I have an issue with Recount.
    When i try to login after being off for a while my loading screen gets stuck and WoW stops responding.
    To fix this i have to go to my WTF folder and delete the recount.lua files, and as mentioned i have to keep doing this after i've been off for a while.

    Have anyone experienced this and is there any solution for this problem. (I have tried to reinstall Recount)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Tried a WoW Repair? Its in your WoW Directory, other than that all i can suggest is going for Skada instead of recount, much more lightweight, and provides just as much information as recount does. Up to you though.


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    I'm using both, i do prefer recount but skada mostly for spine, but thanks for the advice. I'll definately try that.

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    Recount just released a new update within the last few hours. I would make sure you aren't using that version as I'm fairly sure I updated this morning and am having the same issues that you were.

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