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    Started p90x 2 years ago, went from 230 lbs to 205 in 5 weeks, shot myself in the wrist (2 1/2 staple). (followed the meal plan)

    started p90x again recently, in the 11th week now, NOT following the meal plan, I eat normal meals but I did cut out all the extra crap I ate, ice cream/chips/candies etc.
    Was 211 at the start this time, 189 currently, 40 years old and in the best shape of my life, feeling great.

    At the end of this 90 days I'll will be doing p90x2 for bulk mixed in with a little turbofire (for those that know what that is, wish me luck)
    Good luck

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    I do something called Pyramiding, google it. I really like Flyes and Open Armed Bench press for a chest workout. Dips for Tri's and Arnies for Biceps and Shoulders.

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    - Rest day...sometimes

    - Abs and core exercises (Straight leg raises, crunches, woodchoppers, planks)
    - 3 mile run as part of a running club (22-24min)

    Wednesday: Leg Day
    - Squats
    - Lunges
    - Leg curl and leg extension
    - Calf raises

    Thursday: Chest Day
    - Flat Bench Press (sometimes barbell, sometimes dumbell)
    - Cable Fly
    - Incline Press (sometimes barbell, sometimes dumbell)

    Friday: Pull/Back Day
    - Deadlift
    - Pull ups or Pull downs
    - Bent over barbell row

    - Sprint Training in the morning or early afternoon
    - Shoulders in the evening
    - Hang cleans
    - Overhead press (sometimes standing military press, sometimes seated dumbell press)

    - Light compound exercises, usually between 135-185lb (deadlift, squat, bench press)

    I don't stick to this routine religiously. I'll alternate exercises sometimes or throw new ones in and if I feel like I need an extra rest day I'll take it. For instance, I ended up going to the gym pretty late last night but rather than doing a dedicated back day, I decided to go with some relatively light deadlifts, cleans, and front squats and then jump rope.

    In addition to this, I usually do pullups and hanging straight leg raises with one of those door frame pullup bars in the morning before work. I would like to throw in some morning jogging, but I don't wake up early enough for that. I also tend to start my gym work outs with abs. If it's pretty busy and I see the squat rack or one of the benches is free as soon as I get there, then I'll just do abs at the end.

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 143lb (lulz)
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    Sadly I can't, as I never really worked out in my life (used to do a lot of sports though).

    I'm planning on hitting the gym soon though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatox View Post
    5x5 stronglifts at the moment, running it pretty basic right now.

    Mondays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and bench.

    Wednesdays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and incline-bench.

    Fridays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and decline-bench.

    Normally end it all with 3 sets of broad dips, mainly to drain the rest out of my triceps and shoulders.
    PROPS ! :P I would totally add chin ups, though.
    you fill my lungs with sweetness & you fill my head with you.

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    Crossfit w/ a strength and skill components to help keep things progressing. 5 days a week with 2 days of rest usually saturday and sunday rest. I run/swim tuesday and thursday about a mile total with different sprints or distances. And I throw in some p90x for variety. I do mobility exercises from and I get my skill work from

    my stats are 160 lbs and I am 5'6"
    22 y/o
    Bench - 265
    Squat - 375
    Deadlift - 405
    Snatch - 200
    Clean and Jerk - 235
    400m time - sub 1 minute

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    my workout is simple enough, i live in a 7th floor walk-up apartment. my office is on the 5th floor of a building where the owner only lets the disabled use the elevator. and its a 2 mile incline walk to work. its enough for me.

    i've never been a lifter, or really cared much about tone/bulk/whatever. i take the denis leary approach.

    as long as I can look down and see my dick and feet, i'm good.

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    I do IRL around 5-60 push ups x3, in the internett i do 150x5

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    A1. Leg curl 8x4 90s
    A2. Front squat 8x4 120s
    B1. Good morning 4x8 75s
    B2. Leg raise 4x8 75s


    A1. Military press 8x4 90s
    A2. Chin-ups 8x4 90s
    B1. Facepull 4x8 60s
    B2. Shoulder external rotation 4x8 75s


    A. Deadlift 8x4 180s
    B. Back extension 4x8 90s
    C1. Calf raise 4x6 60s
    C2. Seated calf raise 4x10 90s


    A1. Bench press 8x4 90s
    A2. Semi-supinated chin-ups 8x4 90s
    B1. Seated row 4x8 75s
    B2. Unilateral facepull 4x8 75s

    Idea is to work the opposite movements/muscles at the same time in the first A1-A2 exercises. All movements are done with atleast 3 second negative, but otherwise the tempo will vary between exercises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatox View Post
    5x5 stronglifts at the moment, running it pretty basic right now.

    Mondays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and bench.

    Wednesdays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and incline-bench.

    Fridays; 5x5 squat, deadlift and decline-bench.

    Normally end it all with 3 sets of broad dips, mainly to drain the rest out of my triceps and shoulders.
    So you're pressing 3 times a week. Bench press variation and wide dips each workout with ZERO upper back work (not counting deadlifts). You cannot sustain that kind of structural balance in the long run, because program like that will surely fuck up your shoulders at some point.

    Do some rows/facepulls/shoulder external rotations aswell for your own sake.

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    I think a lot of people in here should really stop doing premade workouts on here, educate yourself and build a routine that suites you. Don't get sucked into SS or SL, 99% of people never progress past it.

    As for my my routine is pretty dynamic, I switch exercises up depending on how my body develops, my routines are extremely high volume ie 32 sets on arm day, 20+ on back day etc. most people will see this and think I'm a retard because they have been suckered into the whole less is more philosophy, well that isn't always the case. However my routine is quite extreme so it wouldn't be for everyone, 15-30 sets to failure with a rep range of 8-15 will just about destroy any one, but you can't be the best without trying your hardest.

    But routine isn't everything, my routine didn't get me to a 600 pound deadlift, my routine didn't get me 18 inch arms and a crazy v-taper, my diet did, that's what everyone needs to remember, diet is key, you can build muscle with a good diet and shit routine but you can't build muscle with a shit diet (ie not enough calories and protein) and an amazing routine.

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    I love full body for the high throughput in the small amount of time. For me training is about "health per hour" gains and having fun on the way...

    My core routine:

    Warm-up: 10 min elliptical

    Arms: concentration curls, skull crushers
    Shoulders: shoulder press, bent over flyes
    Chest: incline presses, lying flyes
    Back: barbell rows, barbell shrugs
    Legs: leg extension, leg curls, calf raises
    Abs: whatever I feel like

    Cool-down: 5 min elliptical
    Post work-out: stretching

    Don't forget to rotate in different other exercices (dips, pullups, machines, etc.) regularily, vary intensity to keep your full body routine effective - and have regular cardio sessions between workouts if you're like me and don't keep your diet too healthy.

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    I did starting strength for awhile then bill Starr's 5x5. My strength got pretty awesome. I was squatting ass to grass with about 375lb. I just recently switched to a 3 day on 1 day off bodybuilding routine. Very awesome.

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    I do every type of exercise 2hrs a day. I.e biceps, triceps, bench

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alberthsmith View Post
    I do every type of exercise 2hrs a day. I.e biceps, triceps, bench
    Stop trolling kid.

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    Massive amounts of cycling. In the summer when the days are longer I can do about 60mi after work. My record ride was 203.78mi last June.

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    I just did a push-up

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    .... and another one

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    5 days I go for 1 hour ride first thing when I wake up. On day 6 I do a time trial of 20km. On the one mile bike track near my apartment I can average about 25 minutes. Every 2nd day I do some moderate to heavy weights. Nothing "fancy", just dumbbells; bicep curls, lateral raises etc 12-15 reps, 3 sets, 30-45 second rest between reps/sets.
    After weights I do a 10 minute circuit of some high intensity core workouts (I do this everyday)
    It's just 2 5 minute rounds. Each exercise for 1 minute then straight into the next exercise. After the first round it's a 1 minute rest then into the 2nd round:
    First round; squats > isometric squat > hands off push ups > back extension (plank) > "pop-ups"
    Rest 1 min
    Second round; squats > "pop-backs" > push-ups > burpees > arm extensions

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